The ‘two Matthews (Matthew Hopkinson and Matthew Richardson) have known each other since 1997 when they first worked together on a data integration project when Matthew R was working for Experian and Matthew H was working for Property Intelligence (Focus). 

Since then they have both built up significant practical experience and expertise in the validation and interpretation of data that has been revolutionary for the businesses they have both worked in.



"Most of the time and cost for companies is in the collection and aggregation of data and not in answering the ‘so what’."

DataIntel provides you with these answers.

Over the last twenty years Matthew H and Matthew R have regularly got together and talked about the market and their respective businesses at that time.

What has become clear to both of them is that whilst data as The Economist coined ‘has become the new oil’, there is plentiful supply but a lack of practical validation and interpretation taking place which means many businesses are missing significant opportunities.

From the many meetings that the Matthews have had with senior level executives as well as in their own businesses, they have identified a need for more practical help in how to get the best out of the data available.

This requires understanding what is out there, the relevance and validity of the data in its application to your business as well as the ability for someone to clearly and simply tell a story with the data that you understand and can then use to drive your business into peak performance.

Most of the time and cost for companies is in the collection and aggregation of data and not in answering the ‘so what’.

DataIntel has been founded to resolve this issue and provide to companies experienced experts to answer the ‘so what’ and to support companies in ensuring their organisations are ‘data fit’ and optimised structurally to maintain peak performance through having the right people and processes in place to deliver to their businesses leadership.

An Organisation

for Others.

A cornerstone to the the establishment of DataIntel is that all DataIntel staff give away (pro bono) some of their time to others to assist in their development or those who would otherwise not have access to the experience and expertise that the DataIntel team bring. We hope by our small actions we can create a much wider positive impact.

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We’ve known each other for over 30 years…

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